Cyber Risk Collage

Can you spot a virus? Would you recognize a “Trojan Horse” if it was right outside your office door? While cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, the methods are increasingly sneaky. Cyber criminals use a variety of tactics -- both simple and sophisticated -- to catch employees off guard. Social Engineering plays on good people’s nature to be helpful and trusting and to avoid conflict. Because of this, old school security awareness training doesn’t cut it any more. Today, cyberattack techniques known as “Phishing”, “SMishing” and “Vishing” are making it easier for cyber crooks to fool employees into giving up vital business information.

Trusted and Used by The Starr Group

Different size organizations cope with different security problems, but all have employees as the weak link in their IT security. The challenges of creating and running an awareness program vary depending on the number of employees. We have the solution for YOU! We’re happy to recommend KnowBe4 -- the premier Cyber Risk Experts in the U.S. -- to our clients as part of our Risk Reduction Services. This is the same Cyber Risk Management training in which employees of The Starr Group are engaged.

A Variety of Services:

  • Four Comprehensive Levels of Coverage tailored to YOUR company.
  • Pricing by Seat for businesses with 25 to 50,000+ employees.
  • Annual Subscription Rates to fit your budget.
  • Ongoing Training by top cyber industry experts to fit YOUR company’s needs.
  • Employee Certificates: Upon mandatory completion of annual program.
  • Weekly Blogs & Emails: Shared tips on social media keep Cyber Security in mind.
  • Access to Extensive Library of trendy printable posters to increase office awareness.

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