Nick Starr Named New President at The Starr Group

GREENFIELD, WISCONSIN (July 1, 2021) – Wednesday afternoon The Starr Group leadership team announced that Nick Starr will be stepping up as the new President of the risk solutions and insurance agency. The agency was founded in 1956 by his grandfather Robert Starr.

In June of 2011, Nick joined the agency as a Personal Lines Sales Consultant.  He excelled in personal lines and was the first Personal Lines Producer to ever earn Producer of the Year in 2016.

Nick began to transition to Commercial sales in 2016 with a focus on the hospitality industry. He serves many clients in Downtown Milwaukee.

Nick joined the Management Team in 2017 as the Director of Agency Advancement. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising/Management from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Nick works closely with the agency’s in-house marketing communicating with customers and prospects. As a member of management, he is influential in the hiring process, helping to bring quality talent to the agency.

Nick’s experience in Personal Lines and Commercial Lines sales along with his experience as a member of the Management Team make him the ideal candidate to move into the President role. Nick has an undying passion for this business, a deep empathy for his clientele, and respect and support for his teammates. As a sales producer Nick has exceeded his annual goal 8 of the past 10 years. Nick has shown a dedication to exceling in this industry by earning his CIC in 2019 and is currently working toward his CRM.

As President Nick will continue to focus on CL Sales along with the overall advancement of the agency.  Nick’s vision of the agency is to see continued growth by means of remaining a specialist in the industry rather than a generalist; to focus our efforts strategically; and to do what is necessary to gain the trust needed to build long lasting relationships with our clientele.

Mary Starr, Executive Vice President – and Nick’s mother – shared her thoughts: “When young Nick hung his grandfather’s ‘Faithful Insurance Man’ sign in his childhood bedroom, I could have only hoped he might consider a career in Insurance.” Following college, Nick worked in the restaurant industry. “In 2011,” Mary recalls proudly, “Nick finally asked to join the family business in 2011.” Mary is quick to point out there was no nepotism. “Nick quickly became an impressive salesperson through pure determination and hard work,” she says, “and maybe just a few good genes!” Mary recognizes Nick’s drive to succeed, along with his genuine concern for the wellbeing of his clients and teammates, as the traits that will allow him to excel in this business. “I couldn’t be more excited or proud to welcome the 3rd generation to the leadership team at The Starr Group!”

Tim Starr remains CEO of the agency. Mary Starr continues in her role as Executive Vice President, and Maureen Brennan carries on as VP of Operations.

Congratulations to Nick for the dedication and determination it took to have the experience and skillset to step into this new role.  Join us in welcoming Nick as the new President of The Starr Group!

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