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I can always count on The Starr Group to get me the best available rates for my insurance needs. But more importantly, I trust that they know enough to make sure I have the RIGHT insurance. My agent was very knowledgeable, and the back office support staff provides top notch service.

– Derek M., customer since 2017

“Exceptional service by a staff who are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. We’ve been with The Starr Group 30+ years and can’t imagine doing business with anyone else.

– Ted R., customer since 1991

“The people at The Starr Group have been great to work with, not only on my personal insurance coverages, but with the benefit programs for our employees. Representatives from The Starr Group are always professional and courteous. I have been impressed with the consistent and timely follow up demonstrated by all representatives of The Starr Group whether the issue be large or small.”

– Paul S., customer since 2019

The Office Olympics Return in 2021!

After a 24-month absence, the Office Olympics returned to The Starr Group campus. The Games kicked off on a stormy Monday morning, September 13 with four teams gathered in and around the Large Conference Room. The Parade of Athletes wound its way through the office space with representatives from each team carrying their flag colors. CEO Tim Starr carried the torch and lit the Olympic Cauldron high above the mahogany credenza. Everyone cheered!

The skies cleared for the afternoon competition of Bowling. The event was held outdoor on the Delivery Ramp on the east side of the office building. Athletes rolled day-glow yellow softballs up the service ramp to knock down ten 10-oz water bottles. Each team played 4 frames, the final frame being the traditional 1oth frame. Competition was tight as the Blue Blazers tied for first with the Green Machine with a score of 13 pins.

The second day of competition began with an online Memory match game in the morning. Held in the Large conference room, athletes completed matches in a 6 x 6 grid of world landmark pictures. Teams were timed for the fastest matches, with fewest moves determining any ties. Green Machine came out on top once again with an impressive average of 1 minute and 44 seconds, and 42 moves.

Later in the afternoon, athletes were once again outdoors in the South Parking lot for the Bag Toss. This event had each athlete throwing fabric lunch bags filled with bean bags to a 4 ft diameter target, segmented in 1-, 2- and 3-points. Throwing into the wind proved challenging, but the Purposeful Performers managed the win with 6 points total.

After the first 2 days of competition Green Machine and Blue Blazers were in the lead with 10 points overall, followed by Purposeful Performers with 9. Red-y Or Not trailed with a mere 5 points. They would have to make a miraculous comeback in the next 3 events.

The third morning of competition was the indoor Basketball Free Throw event held in the Reception area. Always a crowd pleaser, this event consists of each team having 4 minutes to make as many free throws into a small basketball hoop. The event was tied at 18 and play went into overtime. Red-y or Not claimed victory over Green Machine with a final total of 25 to 24.

The afternoon on the third day saw a new outdoor event: the Coffee Mug Relay Race. Carrying a coffee mug filled with water, Athletes raced along a course from the front of the building, through the parking lot to the back of the building and back again. They were required to run a dizzying cork-screw pattern in two locations. The team with the fastest time was declared winner, and the tie-breaker was the amount of water remaining in the coffee mug carried along the course. Red-y or Not eeked out the victory with 1 minute and 31 seconds, 15 seconds faster than the Purposeful Performers.

Going into the final day of competition, the Green Machine was in the lead with 14 points overall and the remaining teams were in a 3-way tie with 13 points. The Gold, Silver and Bronze were literally going to be decided by the highly anticipated Ping-Pong event. Red-y Or Not battled it out with Green Machine for Gold. It was the greatest comeback of the history of The Starr Group Office Olympics!

Final standings were: GOLD – Red-y Or Not (Capt. Kristi Erdman); SILVER – Green Machine (Capt. Matt Burdick); and BRONZE – Purposeful Performers (Capt. Mary Starr). “Most Spirited Team” went to The Blue Blazers (Capt. Cheryl Michalek). Team captains selected MVPs from their respective teams, acknowledging why they were honored. Reasons Athletes were chosen as MVPs ranged from enthusiasm, sportsmanship and accomplishments. MVPs included: Red: Lasha Brown; Green: Eric Messer; Purple: Terry Weinecke; and Blue: Ally Meddaugh. In addition to actual medals, each team member earned fitness points toward their health insurance, free chair massages, free salad days and extra ½ days of PTO.

Following the medals ceremony, team photos were taken and the Olympic Cauldron was extinguished until next year.


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