What measures are you taking to protect your income?

Life and Disability insurance are not the same.

Disability insurance helps protect your income if you get sick or hurt and can’t work. Life insurance can help your family pay off debt and maintain their lifestyle if something happens to you.

While almost everybody could benefit from short-term or long-term Disability insurance, these four types of people have the most at stake:

  • Those with physically demanding jobs
  • Parents
  • Sole Providers
  • Those with Recurring or Chronic Injuries

Life insurance is sold out of love for someone be it family or employees.
Life changes are reasons to buy or review your insurance including:

  • Marriage/Divorce
  • Birth or Adoption of Children
  • Special Needs Situations
  • College/Trade Schools
  • Settlement or Disbursement Options
  • Inheritance/Trusts
  • New Business or Business Continuation

Whether you are a great planner or just trying to get a handle on what you need for retirement, you need to consider the financial ramifications of “living too long, dying to soon, or getting sick along the way”.

Whatever the situation, we have an appropriate solution to protect your business and family.

Downloadable Underwriting Criteria Fillable Questionaire

Start your application process now by clicking the image above to download the fillable pdf form. Answer the questions, save the document, then email it directly to our Life & Disability Underwriter!

Pamela Franzen

Pamela Franzen
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