Donation Program for Nonprofits

The Starr Group understands the challenges nonprofits in Wisconsin face every day: energizing and mobilizing communities, getting the message out… and then there’s funding the mission. Good things don’t happen by accident, which is why The Starr Group is dedicated to helping local nonprofits and charity groups.

How The Starr Group Helps Nonprofits

For every combined home and auto policy we write, new clients have the ability to select an approved Community Starr nonprofit of their choice, like those listed below, to receive a $50 donation. We will donate an additional $25 to the chosen organization in the following year as well.

The Starr Group also makes donations based on Commercial Insurance and Employee Benefit premiums. In the first year, we will donate 10% of our commission on any Commercial Insurance premium over $25,000 and/or on any Employee Benefit premiums over $50,000. The Starr Group will donate an additional 5% the second year.

“It has always been a dream of mine,” said Tim Starr, CEO at The Starr Group, “to help other businesses and organizations succeed.” Community Starrs is one way of doing that. At the same time, the agency is able to give back to the community in which it has been a part for over 60 years. “We not only have the intent of being an exceptional insurance provider, but also a trusted advisor,” said Starr. “And a member of the community in good standing as well.”


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