Lunch and learn, FREE LUNCH!


There is such a thing as a free lunch! 

The Starr Group values knowing that our clients are properly insured. We want to make sure your employees have the best possible coverages! 

Allow us to coordinate a staff lunch!

We will provide lunch and valuable information on home and auto insurance. It can be a distraction to worry about your personal insurance during the day - why not get questions answered over lunch?

Why should you offer a lunch and learn program to your employees?

  • It reduces the chance their auto injury claim would affect your group medical with The Starr Group's higher underinsured/uninsured mototrist limits.
  • It provides another voluntary benefit to your employees. 
  • Your employees' safety and protection will extend past the 9 to 5 workday. 

Hey, at a minimum it's a FREE lunch on us! 


Business Insurance, workers Comp, Liability, Business Auto, Errors & Omissions

Group Benefits, Wellness, Employee Benefits, Health Insurance

Home and Auto, Home Owners, Umbrella


The Starr Group is not only a great disaster response company, as we found out with the Microburst in July of 2010 when we sustained major roof damage, but they also provide a function that will help your company internally with expertise in human resources, OSHA requirements, and team building.

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