Reclaim Your Company’s Financial Leakage

We quantify your company’s existing financial leakage, including both direct and indirect costs, then we’ll help you recapture those costs.

We measure how your EBITA and KPIs are impacted over time. As your trusted advisors, we have a shared responsibility to improve your company’s EBITA and to provide data you can apply to supply-chain cost-control Business and Benefits risk strategies. Evaluate your broker’s performance based on outcomes.

Insuring and Protecting Your Business


First, we take the time to meet with each of our prospective customers to learn about their business goals. Likewise, we share our agency values and our process. If our respective objectives align we move into the “Discovery” process.


The Starr Group takes the time to discover and learn about your company, including: current business insurance policies, lease contracts, construction agreements, company handbook, employment applications, and other agreements.

This thorough discovery phase allows us to assess significant issues in risk and gaps in policy. We share our findings and recommendations while measuring them to your risk tolerance to determine relevance.


The upfront investment in your company during the Discovery process is significant. Our commitment to you is easily reflected in the exhaustive nature of this process. You have the right to refuse options and more importantly you have the right to know them; we are consistently sharing a concern or opportunity not discussed before. About 30% of insurance policy coverages are designed by your agent not the insurance company.

Risk Reduction Services

The Starr Group Offers:

  • Risk-transfer programs
  • CLE (Continuing Legal Education)
  • DOT compliance
  • Recruitment help (management and floor personnel)
  • Contract review for insurance relevance
  • Human resources consulting and support
  • Loss control and risk-management services
  • Executive coaching and leadership development
  • Anti-harassment training

Dovetail Compliance:

Do insurance coverages match obligations you have legally made with others? The Starr Group provides CLE (Continuing Legal Education) to attorneys and law firms through the Wisconsin Bar Association.

Niche Programs:

  • Technology
  • Refuse hauling
  • NARI members
  • Captives (single and multi-cell)
  • Assisted Living and Home Health Care
  • Non-profits
  • Real Estate Management companies
  • Restaurants

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