Guest: Nick Miota

EPISODE 50: Winding Paths in the Family Business. Podcast guest Nick Miota, President of Southgate Lease Service talks about the winding career path that lead him back to the family business. He shares how personal tragedy gave him the courage to take a leap of faith. And Nick’s words of advice to his “younger self” may prove helpful for current career-minded college students. Business

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EPISODE 51: Establishing Financial Pathways. Podcast guest Ron Chandler of Summit Investment Management talks about how various industries lead him to his career in personal finances. He’ll share his perspective on helping clients focusFinancial & Insurance on individual planning, and providing guidance to restore order and establish a pathway for managing their specific quality of life issues.

Nick Starr 200x200EPISODE 52: Growing Up Starr. Podcast guest Nick Starr Director of Agency Advancement and Commercial InsuranceDe-Risking Architect at The Starr Group is on hand for the 1 year anniversary of Beyond the Known. Nick reminisces about growing up in the halls of The Starr Group building, talks around the Starr family dinner table, and his prognosis on the future of the agency.

Technology and business evolve at light speed. Everyone needs to stay informed.  Be sure to listen in. We’re going to go beyond what you know about business…and The Starr Group.

A new episode is available every Monday. Each week, our guests and our Risk Consultants will explore successful business practices and how to employ them, as well as the latest products and services.

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