Beyond the known Guest: Andy Weins

UNLEASH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL Business Owner Andy Weins has built a reputation through his no-holds-barred teaching style, which inspires immediate and transformational action. No Frills, no fluff. Andy’s business, Green Up Solutions, has grown from a two-man backyard operation to a nationally renowned multi-faceted enterprise in rapid pace. A proud US Army Veteran, military career counselor, and Master Resiliency Trainer, he has helped thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs unleash their full potential and achieve unparalleled success.

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Greg L. Bass 200sqEPISODE 15 : HEALTHCARE CULTURE BY DESIGN Take control of your healthcare costs by taking control of your culture! The future of Group Benefits is constantly shifting. Certified Underwriter Greg L. Bass is the Chief Strategy Officer – Group Benefits at The Starr Group. He will explain how the current state of employee healthcare evolved. Greg will expound on the solutions set before employers that are both efficient and affordable. Business owners and CEOs will learn WHY they need to control their company’s wellness culture.

Guest: Jonathan ReynoldsEPISODE 16 : FOSTERING ORGANIZATIONAL ALIGNMENT As CEO and Chief of Culture of Titus Talent Strategies, Jonathan Reynolds is energized by inspiring company leaders and equipping them with unique approaches to better understand their people and create optimum performance among their team members. Jonathan currently leads a unique, fast­ growing team of talent consultants located across the United States. Business Leaders will want to take notes during this episode!

Terry Rowinski 200 x 200 EPISODE 17 : TRENDS IN HEALTHCARE. As President and CEO of HPS (Health Payment Systems), Terry Rowinski will offer lessons in leadership including why it’s important to  provide consistent, relatable leadership that engages, inspires and encourages growth within all levels of the organization. His People-centric approach consistently yields positive bottom-line results by influencing hard-to-control costs such as turnover and productivity. Terry will also tell us why it’s OK to wear your Faith on your sleeve at the office.

Linda Maris EPISODE 18 : INSPIRING GENEROSITY. In her role as President at the National Christian Foundation, Linda Maris is called to inspire generosity among fellow Christians. In this episode Linda will discuss the importance of Self-Assessments and philanthropy via generous living. She will also tell us why everyone should make a local, national or international mission trip at least once in their lives.


Technology and business evolve at light speed. Everyone needs to stay informed.  Be sure to listen in. We’re going to go beyond what you know about business…and The Starr Group.

A new episode is available every Monday. Each week, our guests and our Risk Consultants will explore successful business practices and how to employ them, as well as the latest products and services.

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