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Pantheon Industries is 501 (c)3 nonprofit agency dedicated to providing employment services to individuals with disabilities in the greater Waukesha County area. Pantheon works with over 500 clients, helping them develop marketable job skills and gain valuable work experience so they can find and sustain meaningful employment to benefit themselves and the community.

While Pantheon emphasizes direct services to clients with disabilities, they offer a great deal of services and benefits to the employers they partner with. Pantheon operates a work center where they subcontract with area employers to meet their packaging, assembly, collating, fulfillment and short term project needs. Pantheon is expanding their return-to-work programs where area business can help mitigate lost work days by utilizing their range of light duty options. By turning labor-intensive, variable-costs projects into fixed-costs contracts, their partners demonstrate significant cost savings while helping to create valuable jobs for individuals with disabilities.

Pantheon also works with employers to help solve potential staffing needs while assisting with company diversity initiatives. Their job placement specialists will work directly with employers to learn about the details of their needs, and look to create positive job matches with the people they serve.

Rick Block, Pantheon’s Executive Director summarizes Pantheon’s mission: “Pantheon will work hard to continue to provide excellent work services, vocational education, outreach, and advocacy, so that people living with disabilities can learn, work and play in our communities.”

Visit their website to learn more about Pantheon’s services. To discuss potential partnership opportunities, please contact Rick Block at 262-567-2133 ext. 2404, or via email at

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