No Employee Left Behind: Leadership Seminar Recordings Available

Mental Health Seminar

No one goes through mental health crises alone. Depression, stress and anxiety are common and natural emotions everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Emerging out of a global pandemic, these emotions are pretty much expected to manifest in one way or another. When people don’t ask for help, when the emotions become chronic, production and morale among staff members diminish, putting your entire workforce at risk.

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, The Starr Group held an in-person Leadership Training Session on “Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace.” Our speakers helped those in management understand WHY their employees may be experiencing stress, anxiety and/or depression. Attendees were taught HOW to recognize when their employees might be in need of support. Presenters provided free local and online resources for both employers and employees to manage their mental health in a positive manner.

Our 1st speaker of the day, Martina Gollin Graves, President and CEO of Mental Health America of Wisconsin, presented “Mental Health Framework in the Workplace.” This inspirational talk helps Employers understand how promoting mental health in the workplace and positively affect your business’ bottom line.

Our 2nd speaker of the day, Sue McKenzie Dicks, Vice President of Healthy Culture at Rogers Behavioral Health and Director of Rogers InHealth, presented “Compassion Resilience.” This is a wonderfully engaging and uplifting talk that will help Employers see — with fresh eyes and open heart — the Employee perspective… and vice versa!

Our 3rd speaker of the day, Dr. Brad Smith, Medical Director of Rogers Behavioral Health, Oconomowoc Campus and Eating Disorder Services, presented “Identifying Common Mental Health and Addiction Disorders in the Workplace.”

This was a FREE event open to business owners, management and HR teams in every industry. The recordings of each speaker is available to those who are interested in this educational material. Please contact Paul Kraemer or Eric Messer at The Starr Group for more information.