Mary Starr Webinar 2018

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018 Mary Starr, Executive VP of The Starr Group gave a webinar on her passion “Culture By Design”. Hosted by The Best & The Brightest, the session highlighted The Starr Group’s reorganization in 2008 not just of the agency, but specifically of it’s office culture.

“We spent considerable time with an organizational coach,” Mary told attendees, “to develop our Vision, Mission and Values.” She and the rest of the management team didn’t want these statements just posted on a wall somewhere. “We wanted living, breathing Values.”

Mary recounted the numerous challenges The Starr Group faced and the positive changes that have taken place over the last 10 years. “We used to recognize employees who worked through their lunch hours as the ‘Role Models’.” she said, “That is no longer the case.”

In regard to recruiting talent, Mary advised HR Directors when considering a candidate for a position look “beyond Culture FIT and look at Culture ENHANCEMENT.”  Consider how a person can make the organization better.

At the end of the 45 minute presentation filled with anecdotes, and supporting analytics, Mary provided 15 key ingredients for building a Culture by Design. “They aren’t in any particular order,” Mary explained. “You just need to choose one or two to start, and build from there.” 

The full presentation is available online on the Best & Brightest website:

Mary has made her email available to those who view the webinar and will be happy to answer any questions regarding creating and sustaining a robust Wellness program.

Nicks Restaurant Reviews

Nick with Dish w

So many restaurants, so little time!

Milwaukee is known for its eclectic restaurant scene. Ethnic cuisines from German, Italian and Polish to Spanish, Middle Eastern and Asian add “spice” to the cityscape. With such broad flavors to choose from, how do you select which eatery to patronize? You could conduct a blind search online and depend on the preferences of strangers, or you can ask a trusted friend for a good recommendation. But why?

Here at The Starr Group, we are pleased to provide this helpful resource: Nick’s Restaurant Reviews. Insurance Counselor Nick Starr has been visiting dining venues around town and posting accounts of his dining experience. Sometimes Nick will post an article, sometimes we'll catch his behind-the-scenes visits on video! Either way, Nick will leave you "hungry" for more.

It is our hope that this feature will connect our customers with community businesses that might turn Milwaukee’s next “best kept secret” to a “favorite frequent”.

Please note: Restaurants cannot pay to be included in this feature, nor is compensation given to The Starr Group for inclusion. Opinions expressed herein are solely those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Starr Group as a whole.

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The Starr Group is not only a great disaster response company, as we found out with the Microburst in July of 2010 when we sustained major roof damage, but they also provide a function that will help your company internally with expertise in human resources, OSHA requirements, and team building.

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