Introducing Tony Carrera our new Resource Manager

The Starr Group CEO Tim Starr was recently at an industry leading member meeting with a very successful risk and Insurance firm, and they confessed: “Heaven forbid we should have to execute on all we promised the prospect!”  Wow! This agency had good intentions however, it was clear the lack of execution would challenge their customer retention.

The truth is over time many variables influence the retention of our customer relationships. Without getting into too many details, let’s all agree it happens and we have all experienced this in one way or another. Short of dogmatic checks and balances “execution apathy” occurs as resource deployment is not as urgent or intentional as it had been or should have been at the beginning of a customer relationship.

If properly positioned in a firm the sales personnel (hunters) who earned the sales are strongest at one thing: securing new business. When they are also called on to facilitate the allocation of customer facing resources both their inherent skills and added responsibility objectives are watered down. Therefore, stronger retention requires a quarterback we call a “Resource Manager.”

What we needed was someone to frequently check in with our customers to review our “promises made” compared to “customer outcomes” and determine any new needs

The Starr Group is pleased to introduce Tony Carrera – the first “Resource Manager” we are aware of in our industry. Tony will wear multiple hats including:

  • determining which Risk Reduction Services (RRS) a specific business will benefit from based on needs and prior losses if helpful;
  • deploying those RRS resources in a timely manner;
  • sharing a progress report of those activities to our customers’ appropriate personnel;
  • reviewing contracts customers enter into with others where we can determine if your “obligations made” have become “obligations met.”

Current customers of The Starr Group can contact Tony to obtain a detailed De-Risking progress report and evaluation. New customers are welcome to inquire about how our Risk Reduction Services can de-risk their businesses for optimal success! Call 1-414-421-3800 or email Tony directly at