Insurance Premium Relief

Carriers Step Up to Provide Discounts, Other Forms of Relief to Customers

Alongside consumers, The Starr Group has been putting pressure on insurance carriers to issue some form of premium relief to our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Starr Group continues to monitor your account to ensure you’re within the best insurance environment for you. Driver circumstances, geography, insurance score and vehicle policies vary from customer to customer. While a one-time relief option may differ from one Carrier to another, it is important to consider the overall value.

Below is a list of carriers and the actions they are taking for Insurance Premium Relief as of Tuesday April 14, 2020:

Carriers continue to consult with insurance regulators to gain approval for relief plans and finalize how to deliver the relief to customers as quickly as possible. Depending on your payment method – Monthly vs. Annual – customers who have already paid their premiums in full may receive a check, and those who make monthly payments should see a credit on their account statements. Other relief efforts such as flexible pay options, cancellation and penalty forgiveness, and expanded identity theft protection for homeowners may also apply.

The Starr Group team is at your service. We continue to monitor the developing COVID-19 news and how it affects our customers. Please let us know how we can help: 414-421-3800.

Stay Well!