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ANTHRONOMICS: the Revolutionary Methodology in… Sitting!

A team of wheelchair seating experts—clinicians, product designers, and marketing executives—got to thinking: Don’t the millions of people sitting at desks all day, suffering with aches, discomfort, headaches, and pain deserve an evidence-based sitting solution?

Traditional office chairs labeled as “ergonomic” support the body in all the wrong places. According to Google, ergonomics is “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.” That really has nothing to do with posture and the human body. The body ends up tired and in pain, sitting and standing in sloppy postures searching for comfort.

Anthros cares about the human body and aims to prevent pain and poor posture. They don’t use the word ergonomic. In fact, they coined a new term: Anthronomics.

Anthronomics is the understanding and application of biomechanics (science of movement), ergonomics (work law), and anthropometrics (human measurements) in the pursuit of optimal posture and support of the human body in the standing and sitting positions. The Anthronomics methodology brought forth the first chair that adapts to the human body!

Anthros creates educational materials like e-books, blog posts, and videos, to address topics related to sitting well and living pain-free. They offer free access to their “Reverse the Negative Effects of Sitting” and “Get Out of Back Pain” online video series.

The Anthros team is committed to giving back. Through the Anthros Foundation (501c3/nonprofit) a percentage of every dollar earned is given back to organizations that serve the global wheelchair community. There are countless Third World countries where adults and children lack access to the basic mobility equipment that allows them to participate in fundamental daily living activities. Anthros is changing that for the better.

The Anthros Foundation recently raised nearly $20,000 for Beeline Wheelchairs in Guatemala. The Anthros team went to Guatemala to fit 57 children in custom wheelchairs! By supporting Anthros and their mission, customers are making the world a better place by providing help for those who need it most.

That’s why Anthros is our “Customer of the Quarter” for June 2023.

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