A Case Study for Strategically & Safely Bringing Employees Back to Work following the COVID-19 Shutdown.

Thanks to the State Supreme Court, Wisconsin has no restrictions on how businesses can reopen for business, leaving it open to each employer to make the move based on their industry and consideration of the general welfare of their employees and customers.

Mary Starr, Paul M. Neuberger and Maureen Arndt

Mary Starr, Executive Vice President, Paul M. Neuberger, President, and Maureen Brennan, Vice President of Operations shared what went into the development and implementation of The Starr Group’s “Back to Work” plan. Watch the video presentation — originally recorded June 4, 2020 — to learn the ongoing results of our actions.

In this no-nonsense 30-minute presentation, you’ll learn about:

  • Surveying Employee Sentiment
  • Management “Strategy” Discussions
  • Communicating “Back To Work” with Staff
  • Preparing for Workforce Return
  • Defining “Common Area” and “Safe Visitor” Protocol
  • Monitoring Team Members after Returning

Then, stick around for a 15-minute Question & Answer session with our presenters afterward!

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Click to download the White Papers to help your management team develop its own “Back to Work” Strategy!

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CLICK HERE of Sample Back To Work Employer Communication    CLICK HERE for Sample Work From Home Agreement

CLICK HERE for Sample Self-Certification Form

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