Why am I Paying More for Auto Insurance

Here are the top four reasons you might be paying more for auto insurance.

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Divorce can be stressful. The dream of spending the rest of your life with a person you once loved has ended. Now you must negotiate what comes next with your lawyer, your ex, and their lawyer. Learn the top three insurance exposures.

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Flood Coverage

30% of flood claims come from properties not located in flood zones. Every property has a risk of flooding, this can affect you regardless of whether you live in an area that floods often or not.

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The Secret to Figuring Out How Much Your Home Is Worth

When it comes to your home, you probably underestimate its value because there’s a difference between a bank’s appraisal and insurance appraisal.

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5 Tips to Enjoy Your Fireplace this Winter

If you have a wood-burning fireplace it is important to regularly inspect, clean, and maintain it. Deter animals from nesting in the chimney with a chimney cap and properly sealing small entry points.

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Top 3 Risks High Net Worth Families Take Without Knowing It

You could be one car accident away from bankruptcy court, even if you don’t live paycheck to paycheck. For high net worth individuals and families with more assets to lose, the stakes go higher.

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Service Line Coverage

The average water line claim is between $5,000- 7,000. Without coverage for your water service line, you could be paying this out of your own pocket if the need arises.

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When She Says Yes

You should enhance your policy with an “endorsement” to cover jewelry. It’s like a separate, mini-policy for the jewelry.

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