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Sometimes you need to access your insurance policies on weekends or after the regular workday has ended. The Starr Group App & CSR24 are a client self-service solution that provides greater flexibility, accessibility and servicing options to our customers.

Inside the Resource Guide you will find instructions on How to Download the App, what information you need to get started using CSR24 and the App, specific instructions for both Commercial Clients and Personal Customers; and how to get assistance from any one of our helpful Account Managers.

Download now by clicking on the Resource Guide cover image.

ANY TIME, ANYWHERE: CSR24 provides an online portal for anywhere, anytime access to insurance information. You can view your policy online, request changes, submit and review claims, and issue your own insurance forms, such as auto ID cards and certificates of insurance.

– The portal organizes documents to meet YOUR individual needs
– Client requested policy changes are sent to us as an email with an attached request form.
– Forms can be forwarded to additional recipients

MOBILE ACCESS: CSR24 enables you to access your insurance information on iOS and Android smartphone devices. Available at the tap of an icon, clients will have quicker, more convenient access to insurance information while on-the-go. The secure login makes it easy to access confidential documentation.

The Starr Group App is available for Download at:

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