Insurance Audit

We’ve Heard You!

There has been a shift in the audit experience amongst the insurance carriers, we’ve heard our customers cries, fielded their calls and chased down answers. We love client feedback because it gives us opportunities to improve!

Audits typically should be occurring within 60 days of the policy expiration with results returned back to you about 30 days from submitting. As you’ve shared — and we’ve investigated — it seems that many are not even being scheduled until 3-4 months after the policy expired with results returning in up to 60 days from there.

This is not company specific, rather the entire industry of auditors seems to have taken a hit resulting in this backlog. While we can guess that the reason there aren’t any auditors to hire is probably the same reason the rest of us are struggling with hiring and shortages too, the real answer we are all seeking is, “well, what CAN we do?”

  1. Lean on us! If you are not getting answers, have submitted audit information and heard nothing further, or are looking for a status update, your account managers are happy to assist.
  2. Rest assured. We’ve reviewed our processes and procedures and added follow ups to make sure your audit doesn’t fall through the cracks. It’s automatic – no additional work on your part!
  3. Be prepared. When you are contacted to schedule the audit, be prepared with all information in order to prevent additional delays.
  4. Be kind. We’ve all had days at work when the unexpected happens and there just isn’t enough back-up to help out. We know our clients are the best — lets give these auditors a reason to love TSG customers too!

We know this is just “another one of those things that’s changed due to [insert excuse here]”, but we want you to know we hear you, we feel your pain and we are on your side.

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