Risk Reduction Services

The Starr Group offers valuable risk reduction services for coverage gaps and to help minimize risk issues in a business. By providing thorough risk reduction analysis paired with effective solutions, many businesses enjoy:
– greater savings
– a safer, risk-averse work environment
– a motivated, cooperative workplace by reducing the risky behavior

6 Key Areas for Reduced Risk

To help reduce risk in your business, The Starr Group focuses on six key areas. We are proud to partner with leading professionals in each area to offer current programming, training, and education for risk reduction.


Workplace accidents rank the biggest risk issue for any company. The Starr Group helps you identify safety issues and implements cost- and injury-reducing solutions such as OSHA-compliant safety programs and training.

In-demand programs feature general industry and construction topics, including: Forklift Operator Safety, Lockout/Tagout, OSHA Auditing, and more. Custom presentations and training for your industry are available.

Endpoint Solutions

Services offered by Endpoint are a combination of traditional and specialized environmental, health and safety consulting services. Utilizing their extensive experience, delivery of technical solutions and high level of customer service, the members of Endpoint have developed solid and long-lasting business relationships with past and existing clients. Endpoint helps clients manage environmental, health and safety issues by assuming project risk for cost, schedule and performance.

Human Resources

A Human Resources department with thorough policies and procedures in place for employees and contractors offers excellent risk reduction. The Starr Group provides training in a variety of Human Resources and employment topics.

A few of the most in-demand topics are: Compliance in OSHA Recordkeeping & Contract Review, Employment Laws, and Employee Handbooks & Orientations.

Jim Rittgers, SPHR

Senior Professional in Human Resources

Jim has been a valuable partner to The Starr Group since 1999 consulting on a variety of HR industry practices and topics. Jim holds esteemed certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Human Resource Certification Institute of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Contract Review

Contracts are seldom scrutinized until after there is a problem. The Starr Group helps you understand how the risk you assume in law or contracts is covered, or not covered, within the insurance contract.


Owner & CEO, The Starr Group

Tim has grown The Starr Group to be a trusted, award-winning leader in the insurance field and one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Wisconsin. Committed to professional development, he has pursued numerous professional certifications and is highly respected in the industry. The Starr Group provides CLE (Continuing Legal Education to attorneys and law firms through the Wisconsin Bar Association.

DOT Compliance

Cost-effective DOT risk-management solutions help protect companies against issues with permitting, licensing, registration, and driver qualification.

Why train your drivers for defensive driving? These stats speak volumes…

90% – Nearly 90% of all traffic collisions are due to driver error. Train to avoid simple mistakes.

70% – Drivers who complete a defensive driving course are 70% less likely to be involved in a chargeable accident.

150% – Drivers who complete a defensive driving course and are involved in a chargeable accident suffer damages 150% lower than untrained drivers.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Training

Risk reduction starts at the top, which is why The Starr Group offers leadership-training seminars for Executives, Supervisors, and Team Leaders. Topics focus on engagement, success, and change and how these areas can impact risk reduction.

Leaders have the unique opportunity to influence risk-reduction by modeling a healthy professional lifestyle. Topics range from Healthy Work-Life Balance to Productive Communication Styles, and more.

Joan Sparks, CLC, PCC

A highly respected executive coach and certified Inspired Learning Facilitator, Joan inspires others to unlock their potential. Her programs are known to facilitate individual and team growth with almost immediate results for accountability and productivity.

Personal Growth Groups for Professional Development are also available by invitation. These groups share ideas, discuss business concerns, stay accountable to goals, and meet for individual coaching. Specific groups focus on: CFO Consortium, Executive Women, Leadership Development, Business Owners, and Professional Women.

Anti-Harassment Training & Affirmative Defense

Through anti-harassment training, companies learn prevention strategies to avoid potential charges and futures claims. Hiring third-party trainers constitutes a court-recognized “reasonable care,” building “affirmative defense” and risk management.

Programs include reasonable-care certification and instructional handouts for participants—both recognized by US courts. Additional relevant topics include: Diversity/Inclusion Training, Social Media & Activities Outside the Workplace, Workplace Romance as Future Sexual Harassment, and many more.

Jessica Ollenburg, CMC, CPCP

Managing Partner, Ollenburg LLC

Jessica brings over thirty years of organizational development, legal knowledge, and entrepreneurial leadership in the area of Anti-Harassment Training & Affirmative Defensive. She is a passionate educator gifted in developing workshops on topics related to business leadership, best practices, and organizational communications.

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