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Having a driver’s license means freedom and independence. For many teens, earning a license to drive is seen as a “Rite of Passage”. However, it is not a “Right”, it is a privilege, and that privilege comes with great responsibility. Leading by example, practicing driving together and having regular conversations – not lectures – about safety can help parents impart a level of experience and wisdom needed to New Drivers to help them make smart behind-the-wheel choices.

The Starr Group offers a Parent-New Driver Agreement to get the New Driver discussion started. Teens need – and want – to know exactly what is expected of them. Working together with your teen, this Agreement allows you to put your family rules in writing, clearly setting expectations, limits and consequences for breaking rules. Keep it on the fridge as a reminder and update it as your teen gains experience… and more driving privileges!

Download a copy of the Parent-New Driver Agreement today!

 The Starr Group Parent-New Driver Agreement


The Conversation Starters (Statistics)

  • Six teens are killed every day from motor vehicle injuries 1
  • 21% of serious teen driver crashes were due to driving too fast for road conditions 2
  • 10% of teen drivers involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crash. 3
  • Distraction was a key factor in 58% of crashes involving teen drivers 4
  • Parents are the #1 influence on teen Drivers 5
  • 84% of parents and 79% of teens admit to speeding 5
  • About half of teen drivers will likely crash before graduating high school 7
  • Teens are 4x more likely to be killed in a car crash with 3 or more friends in the car 8
  • 61% of teen passengers killed in a car crash weren’t wearing a seat belt 6
  • 6 PM to midnight is the most deadly time for teens on the road 6



Resources for Wisconsin Parents and Teen Drivers


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The Starr Group is not only a great disaster response company, as we found out with the Microburst in July of 2010 when we sustained major roof damage, but they also provide a function that will help your company internally with expertise in human resources, OSHA requirements, and team building.

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