It is time for an Advanced Review your group benefits plan!

Group Benefits are an important part of the compensation plan you offer, and a solid benefits package can be a key factor in both attracting and retaining top associates. The professionals at The Starr Group will create an advanced benefits plan that provide you and your employees choices and options with decisions supported by analytics not available to 99% of the marketplace. 

The Starr Group is the only Benefits agency to offer:

  • Unique Six-Step Consultative process
  • B3 Planning to provide on-the-spot cost results when changing coverage metrics
  • Engage Café – a PPACA compliant employee choice benefits model (3 plans) with integrated wellness and wealth management. FACT: A well-known Wisconsin company has achieved ONE rate increase in 9 years using this exclusive model.
  • Demographic Audit – 90% of plan designs DO NOT align properly with the actual population of a company’s employees because other agencies do not provide demographic audits.
  • Custom claims analysis, trending and rate setting tools
    • Trending Analysis tracked monthly
    • Financial Analysis Reports provided monthly
    • Claims Normalization - Your underwriting story!
  • Direct negotiations with Stop-Loss insurers, saving you 5% of your Aggregate Costs through Self-Funding.

In addition, The Starr Group provides:

  • Maxwell Benefit Administration and reporting (Federally required)
  • Tiered Technology Risk Management:  Access Health Network; Intellivisit-the 3rd generation of Tele-Medicine
  • Windsor Actuarial analysis
  • NAHU certified customer service managers
  • Self-Funded expertise beyond the what, we know the how and the why-it’s risk management solutions.  
  • Wellness Expertise – We’ve extensively interviewed top wellness consultants and evaluated how to implement the programs to best lower health care costs.
  • Benefits Compliance Reviews
  • PPACA review, tests and audits
  • Alternative and Self-Funding for groups of 25-1,000 employees
  • Health Care Reform assistance and compliance
  • Consumer-driven health solutions
  • COBRA Administration
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Leadership Coaching and Training