Donation Program for Non-Profits

The Starr Group understands the challenges non-profits in Wisconsin face every day: energizing and mobilizing communities, getting the message out… and then there’s funding your mission. Good things don’t happen by accident, which is why The Starr Group is dedicated to helping non-profits and charity groups.

How The Starr Group Helps Non-Profits

We know you’re busy running your organization, so we make it easy to roll out a program for any audience, whether it’s your internal employees and board members, or your external friends and donors. We provide ready-to-send press releases, banner ads, and feature your organization here on our website.

  • This program was created by former professional fundraiser, Cold Call Coach and The Starr Group President, Paul M. Neuberger. Paul has been a professional fund raiser for 8 years. He has supervised teams which raised more than $47.6 million in fundraising and revenue from admissions.
  • The Starr Group could provide donations to YOUR organization. We will donate $50 for every combined Personal Home + Auto Policy we write for anyone affiliated with your organization in the first year, and an additional $25 in the second year. We’ll do the same for all policies referred to us by your affiliates.

The Starr Group will donate 10% of our commission on your Commercial Insurance premium (if over $25,000) and/or on your Employee Benefit premiums (if over $50,000) for the first year and 5% the second year.


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your business essentials
as it continues to grow.

Protect Your Business

Group Benefits

Create an advanced benefits
plan that provides you and your
employees choices and options.

Support Your Employees

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Be comfortable with your
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craft one for your lifestyle.

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