Securing effective coverage for your business is essential as it continues to grow. That’s why we take a unique approach in evaluating your current insurance program. We walk you through a process that teaches you to think smarter and act differently when it comes developing a program custom-built for your specific business and industry.

Why are we different from other agencies? 

ask question At The Starr Group, our goal is to look beyond immediate premium savings.  We focus on obtainable and greater sustainable savings for your business for the long run. The Starr Group builds a much deeper, quantified relationship with you, providing Specialty Programs and Risk Reduction Services. 

Introduction – Discovery – Commitment

First, we take the time to meet with each customer to learn about you and your business goals. Likewise, we share our agency values and the goals we set our clients. After determining our respective objectives align, we then move into the “Discovery” process.

request quote wDuring the Discovery process, The Starr Group will review business documents from insurance policies, lease contracts and construction agreements between you and third parties, to your company handbook, employment application, and other agreements. We will share with you what we believe to be significant issues in risk and gaps in policy. If you agree our findings are of consequence, we ask you a simple question: “If we rebuild your program inclusive of repair -- and you decide we are reasonably competitive – will we do business together?”

Assuming you have agreed with our evaluation and that we are in fact reasonably competitive, the next step is simply a formality in both of us honoring the Commitment.

Our financial investment in your company during the Discovery process is extremely significant. We will spend hours in the extensive review of your pertinent documents and engaged discussions with your appropriate employees. We will provide the most accurate assessment of your risk and more importantly, viable solutions.

Insurance Underwriters are more likely to write a policy that is more comprehensive in defining risk and providing a plan to minimize. The most powerful difference between The Starr Group and other agencies is the commitment between you, our customer, and The Starr Group.

Specialty Programs and Risk Reduction Services

  • Manufacturing/Construction focuses on the risks and coverage needs of businesses that produce and/or distribute goods, or industries that depend on the skilled trades.
  • Law focuses on Lessor/Lessee contract review, a business’ legal responsibility for Errors & Omissions, and Lawyer Professional Liability.
  • Progressive Care focuses on businesses and health care facilities that provide a variety of specialized care to seniors and those with disabilities.
  • Technology focuses on protection from an interruption in business caused by human error and natural disaster to identity theft and other cybercrime of malicious intent.
  • Emerging Business focuses on assisting start-up businesses with the proper P&C coverage to protect their new enterprise.
  • Risk Reduction Services and facilities include HR assistance, Safety, DOT, WC Claims, leadership training and more.