Pool Safety

As an insurance agent, I’ve talked with people after some of the worst experiences of their lives. You never think it will happen to you, but what if it was you? Last summer I spoke to a man whose adult daughter was back in town for a weekend visit, and as the maid of honor in a wedding, she attended the bachelorette party. He and his wife went out to run some errands while the daughter was sunbathing. When they got home they found her face-down, unresponsive in the pool. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. For households with children, drowning is the number one leading cause of death and unintentional injuries.

Here are some tips to keep the pool both fun and safe during the summer, and help you understand your liability as a homeowner:

Drowning Risks:

  1. Install a locked fence around the pool to disincentivize children from using the pool unsupervised.
  2. Place a cover over the pool when it’s not in use.
  3. If anyone—not only children—is going in the pool, make sure another person keeps an eye out for them.
  4. Keep lifesaving equipment near the pool and teach the entire family how to properly use them.
  5. Do not allow horseplay or dangerous tricks near or in the pool.

Slip and Fall Risks:

  1. Install and maintain a surface that it’s easier for bare feet to grip on to.
  2. No running around the pool.
  3. Keep walkways and decks clear of trip hazards, such as lounge chairs and toys.
  4. Use handrails when entering and exiting the pool.

Chemical Risks:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when adding chemicals to the pool and filtration system.
  2. Keep chemicals at the proper levels.
  3. Store chemicals in a cool, dry place where they are away from lawn care products and fire hazards (such as a grill).

A Bad Situation:

As the homeowner, you’re responsible for the safety of everyone in your house. Consider taking a CPR class, have a first aid kit handy, and know how to use it in the event of an emergency. Should someone get severely injured, your Homeowner and Umbrella policy will cover you up to your policy limit.