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In 2016, The Starr Group held earning sessions on Self-Funding Health Plans every Third Thursday of the month. We dove deep into the 'what', 'why' and 'how to' of moving from a fully funded health benefits plan, to a completely Self-Funded program. 

Since the original series was presented, Greg L. Bass, RHU, REBC, MSHCA (Certified Underwriter) has been educating the Group Benefits Councelors at The Starr Group to assist our clients on "the right way" to do Self-Funding for their companies.

If you missed this informative webinar series, and are interested in taking control of your company's Health Care costs in today's ever-changing health market, The Starr Group will be happy to meet with anyone interested in taking control of their company's health costs. Speak one-to-one with a Group Benefits Consultant at The Starr Group about the specific needs of YOUR business today: 1-414-421-3800.

Covered Topics

street signLevel-Funded Plans Learn about Self-Funding for group of 25 to 200 employees without financial risk, while taking control back from the Fully-Insured insurance companies. Questions that will be answered are: What are the plans? Why do they exsist? How do they work?

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How to Move from Fully Funded to Self-Funded Health Plan This session will show you how to "get out of jail" of Fully Insured employee health plans and move to a mutually beneficial Self-Funded plan. Find out how The Starr Group can "bail you out" and put your company in a health plan model that is less risk than your current health plan.

insurance policyBasics of Self-Funding We'll walk you through the architecture of Fully Insured Health Plans, down the pathway of Level Funded Premium Plans and pure Self-Funded Plans. At the end of the session, you will understand the Plan Architecture, Re-Insurance and Re-Insurance Contracts.

piggy moneyFunding Self-Funding Plans This session will delve into ERISA Plans. Find out your options when we answer the following questions: What can I do with my money? What can be done with the employees' money? How are surpluses and/or reserves handled? Which are the best 'vehicles' to hold claims funds?

trend compassBudgeting and Rating Self-Funded Plans This session takes an indepth look at "Trending" and how it works. We'll examine the relationships between Re-Insurance Contracts, Rates, Budgets and Employee Contributions. We'll detail how trending and rate setting are performed. You'll learn how to make the right decisions about Stop Loss Coverage Contracts and Levels.

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The Starr Group is not only a great disaster response company, as we found out with the Microburst in July of 2010 when we sustained major roof damage, but they also provide a function that will help your company internally with expertise in human resources, OSHA requirements, and team building.

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