Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

“Gaining control of our own workers comp insurance through the captive idea, has given us the stability we need to grow.”

Rick Murphy

President of Common Links

“We reap the rewards of our employees being healthy…it has already resulted in our premiums going down.”

James Kuehn

CEO/President of BSI

The Starr Group is dedicated to one thing above all else: the satisfaction of our customers. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive commercial insurance policy, a valuable employee benefits package, or simply need a partner to better your business, The Starr Group has you covered. We invite you to view our customer video testimonials and browse the written comments.

Proactiveness Save Money, Improves Coverage

We've always gotten immediate responses, while on the phone with Pam, Mary and all your staff, to insurance questions we ...
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Responsive to Insurance Needs

Everyone at The Starr Group has always provided great service., specifically Mark Pohlman and Briitta Schmidt. They have always been ...
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Time and Personal Attention Appreciated

Every time we need anything or call, we have helpful and quick support. Also, when we set up our accounts ...
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Keeping Costs Down

Fast response and good work. Keeps my costs down. - Customer since 2015 ...
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Create an advanced benefits
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