Strategic Maneuver Better Serves Your Business

It’s been an exciting time for The Starr Group! We’ve experienced tremendous growth with the promotion of Nick Starr as our agency President, and the addition of four account managers, two sales producers and the newly developed position: Resource Manager. During the expansion of our staff, roles have shifted to maximize efficiency for the benefit of our customers.

Many long-time customer relationships have been tested. We thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding. We’re happy to announce that your forbearance is about to pay off, and are pleased to introduce Andrew Doucette, CISR, as Dedicated Account Manager for the Emerging Business Unit.

Andy is our one point of contact for any service needs within The Starr Group for new and small businesses. 

EXPERIENCE. Andrew is a Certified Insurance Service Representative who specializes in advising business owners on their insurance needs. Before joining The Starr Group, Andy gained experience as a Personal Insurance Account Manager with another local agency. Arriving at The Starr Group, Andy proved highly valuable to our business customers and swiftly made the transition to our commercial team.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE. Andy prefers to take a consultative approach with his clients. He earns their trust through providing detailed explanations of the operation’s risk and how to best address that risk. Andy’s philosophy is to be an advisor who works alongside the owner or management team as a valued asset to the company.

We are confident this business arrangement will be much to your liking as well as strategic to your success.