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Control Panel Design Puts Customers in Control of Success

The Industrial Controls Company, Inc. believes in the success of their Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and end-user customers above all else. They do this through close design collaborations and rigorous quality standards. ICC values continuous improvement of product and service to stay competitive. They are committed to designing and manufacturing the best control systems on the market today.


The standard process for every control panel that ICC ships includes an impressive 63-point inspection checklist with full power up testing of every component. Once their quality control inspector is satisfied, the inspector puts their own name, alongside the wireman’s name, on the panel. This is how you know their solutions are “built with pride.”

Above and beyond the rigorous standard procedure, many control panels also undergo a functional test at the factory where field conditions are simulated. By analyzing the functional specification line by line, and testing every portion of it, their clients can be completely confident that every unit that ships from the factory will be 100% functional.


Leveraging their experience in lean manufacturing, The Industrial Controls Company makes control panel design choices during the engineering phase that help maximize efficiencies of time and materials during the assembly process. The routine feedback their engineers receive from the shop floor provides practical insight to translate customer requirements into “build-ready” designs. By focusing their control panel design equally on the engineering of the control panel and the protocol for its manufacture, they create solutions that target the “sweet spot” on the cost/performance curve.


A full quarter of The Industrial Controls Company employees and managers are degreed and credentialed engineers, so they speak YOUR language! With over 150 years of combined experience under one roof, and decades of experience in industry sectors ranging from semiconductors to wastewater management, ICC is prepared to anticipate the challenges any system will encounter in the field.

ICC understands control panels and systems as a specialized discipline — one with unique challenges posed by automated systems that must sense and interact with complex sets of cues from the work environment.

Every custom control panel developed by The Industrial Controls Company aims for consistent and dependable real-world performance, with particular attention paid to safety, expandability and serviceability. Long-standing relationships with a network of proven vendors gives them an edge, not only on pricing, but on access to the best in available components.


The Industrial Controls Company works closely with customers to precisely define each control panel design requirements and to gain a thorough understanding of the environment where its application will perform. Their process aims for seamless alignment between their engineers and those of their clients, ensuring in-depth understanding on all sides. The end result is an industrial controls solution specifically designed for its operating environment.

ICC provide detailed schematics as well as full documentation for each step in the cell-based manufacturing protocol created for each project, right down to the layout of the workstations to detailed photo documentation of the assembly process. This complete package allows their control panels to easily re-up for production, anytime the need arises.


  • Process & Machine Control Panels and Systems
  • Applications Consulting & Systems Design
  • Drive/Motion Control/PLC Control Panels and Systems
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Control Panels and Systems
  • Complete Systems Documentation
  • Testing to Client Specifications
  • Field Support by Skilled Engineers
  • Worldwide Installations
  • UL508A Certified Shop
  • CUL / ESA / CSA Canadian Approvals
  • Panel Design & Fabrication to NFPA79 Standards

The Industrial Controls Company’s impressive portfolio of work demonstrates their commitment. Visit their website to explore their case studies to learn more about how they reduce time and costs, create value in every stage of a project, and help customers bring new ideas to market.

Their impressive portfolio of work demonstrates that commitment. Visit their website to explore their case studies to learn more about how they reduce time and costs, create value in every stage of a project, and help customers bring new ideas to market.

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Corporate Headquarters: N56 W24842 N. Corporate Circle; Sussex, WI 53089

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