How do you Shrink Your Risk Bullseye?


What do we mean by your Risk Bullseye? Every company assumes both unforeseen and unnecessary risks.

The Starr Group has a way to shrink your Risk Bullseye by automating your Certificate of Insurance (COI) collection process. Tony Carrera, Resource Manager at The Starr Group introduces CTrax, JDi Data’s Certificate of Insurance automation tool.

CTrax is designed to handle the details you don’t know, forget to ask about, or are not properly staffed to execute. This program would alleviate that risk.

Dotted ArrowState-of-the-art AI system to CENTRALIZE and AUTOMATE your COI’s.

Dotted ArrowEnsure all subs are COMPLIANT with contract requirements.

Dotted ArrowSELF-MANAGED renewal processes.

Dotted ArrowReduce INSURANCE COSTS by improving sub compliancy rate.

Click to download Risk Bullseye PDF.Not quite convinced? Click the image to access the detailed PDF resource from our website.

Minimizing human error shrinks your Risk Bullseye and makes your company more bullet proof. Get back to doing what you do best and allow The Starr Group to reduce the inherent risk of managing and policing COI’s.

When you really think about it, might it just make sense for your business to utilize CTrax?

Call or email Tony to discuss this cost-saving, risk-reducing opportunity.

Tony Carrera Commercial Resource Manager