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Home Path Financial: Improving People’s Lives & Prosperity

Located in Butler, Wisconsin, Home Path Financial is known for the rehabbing and remodeling of residential, multi-family and commercial properties. They work with both private homeowners and larger investment companies from around the country. Their team of professionals also assist in residential management for investors.

Jeff Kleiner founded Home Path Financial in 2004, offering outside investors the opportunity to earn quality returns. As his business grew, so did the opportunities for helping good people in unfortunate circumstances to once again afford a home of their own. The homeowners Jeff helped were often able to rebuild their credit to the high standards needed for conventional financing.

Commercial Insurance Account Executive at The Starr Group Brendt Johannsen has been working with Jeff and Tracie Kleiner for over 6 years. “It is an extraordinarily run company,” said Johannsen. He describes the leadership team as focused on quality construction, rapid growth, and Team building. “Jeff and Tracie invest a lot in their employees,” Johannsen says’, “They trust them to do their very best on every project.”

When The Starr Group first started working with Home Path Financial, they were frequently buying homes, fixing them up and then either renting them out or selling them. Now they do very little of that and have shifted their business into renovation of others’ properties. Johannsen says Home Path Financial is now involved in mostly new home construction. The company has always evolved with the needs of the ever-changing housing market. “I am sure they will prosper through our currently challenging times, as well,” says Johannsen.

Their team of professionals lead in the best new construction designs on the market. If you’re looking for a new home or investment property, visit their website to view some of their wonderful work.

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