Dear Maureen Arndt,

I am writing to you to express my deepest gratitude for one of your Senior Account Managers – Lasha Brown. Lasha has helped my mother and I with our auto insurance in the past. I remember Lasha from that time, as she was so incredibly approachable and patient with all of our questions. Currently, I am closing on a condo. This is a very hectic and stressful time for me. I am at baseline a very busy professional, juggling many and critical responsibilities on daily basis, so stress and stakes are high most of the time for me. I have reached out to The Starr Group for help with homeowners insurance. At first I was connected to a person who never returned my voicemail. When I called The Starr Group again, I asked for someone else to help me. The person who became available and able to help me was Lasha, and oh what a great relief it was for me to remember Lasha and have her as the agent to assist me! What is important for me to convey here is my profound gratitude for Lasha’s patience with me and my very elementary questions as this is my first time obtaining homeowners insurance. She is such a professional. She is kind and always helpful. In this difficult era of COVID19, and my stressed out life, Lasha provided thorough emails and communication outlining and explaining everything in great detail for me! I needed to let you know how thankful I am for Lasha’s services, for her quick and professional work, for her kind and understanding approach. I asked Lasha for a way / a contact to express my kudos, and your email was provided.

Thank you,

Magdalena W.