Redeem and Restore Center

4430 N 127th St. * Brookfield, WI * 1-262-844-5882

Redeem and Restore Center’s (RRC) mission is to love, restore, and support women recovering from sex trafficking and exploitation.

Building a culture of loving, restoring, and supporting others in all they do. They will provide recovery resources and services to women in a restorative care residential home where they can heal, reclaim their identities, and discover and fulfill their God-given purpose.

RRC believes that awareness education leads to prevention, intervention, and restoration. RRC provides educational awareness and prevention training to clubs, churches, students, business leaders, and others. Its intervention efforts include collaboration with other organizations who provide outreach at strip clubs and prisons. RRC supports women survivors that find the center through events and volunteers. RRC provides or connects survivors to resources that meet their individual needs for physical, emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual support.

Find out more about the organization by visiting their website. You may also follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.