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Ron Chandler 200x200 1 EPISODE 51: Establishing Financial Pathways. Podcast guest Ron Chandler of Summit Investment Management talks about how various industries lead him to his career in personal finances. He’ll share his perspective on helping clients focusFinancial & Insurance on individual planning, and providing guidance to restore order and establish a pathway for managing their specific quality of life issues. LISTEN NOW

Blaire Busack 200x200EPISODE 49: Grassroots Community Building. Our guest Blaire Busack, is Principal at Institute of Technology and Academics in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing up in a very small town taught her the importance and value of building strong relationships. Coming to the “big city” she realized what fundamentals the families in the urban schools and communities were lacking. Go deep to the root of the issue! LISTEN NOWNon-Profit

Josh Bayless 200x200 EPISODE 47: Getting Personal with Josh Bayless. Our guest Josh Bayless, Risk Management Consultant in Personal Insurance with The Starr Group talks about what and who influenced his journey into the industry. He’ll share why helping people is at the core of his professional goals. Josh reveals how being authentic is the key to success, and how that is rooted in his Faith in God. LISTEN NOWDe-Risking

Tom PipinesEPISODE 45: A Career in Communications. Our guest Tom Pipines, podcaster and retired Sports Anchor of WITI-TV, Fox6 Milwaukee talks about his current podcast project “My Faith” with Steve “The Homer” True. He’ll share favorite stories from his Sports Casting career. Tom will tell of past career successes, and working with non-profits. Tom also shares his Catholic journey to Heart of the Nation. LISTEN NOWNon-Profit

Richie Burke 2 200x200EPISODE 43: The Adventure of Starting a Business. Podcast guest Richie Burke, of GoGeddit Marketing and Media shares insights on… What else?  niche marketing for Businesses! He discusses the adventures that lead him to start his own agency and the common misconceptions people have about being an entrepreneur. He also shares advice on podcasting! LISTEN NOW Marketing & Communication

Tim Nikolai 200x200EPISODE 41: Heart Health. Our guest Timothy Nikolai, Sr. Community Impact Director at the American Heart Association will be


on hand to discuss what fund raising initiatives are happening during the pandemic and how those funds are being used to advance Heart Health Awareness during the Month of February as well as research all year long. LISTEN NOW

Sylvestra Ramirez 200x200EPISODE 39: The Journey of a Hispanic Business Owner. Our guest Dr. Sylvestra Ramirez owner and director of Physical Therapy of Milwaukee discusses how a dislocated patella played a role in her journey into medicine; howHealth & Wellness community influenced her decision to start her own practice, and the challenges/opportunities of a Hispanic Business Woman. She’ll demonstrate that physical therapy isn’t only for treating injuries, but can also be beneficial in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. LISTEN NOW!

Carmen Pitre 200x200EPISODE 37: Domestic Violence and the Workplace with Carmen Pitre
Guest Carmen Pitre, President and CEO of Sojourner Family Peace Center — Milwaukee’s shelter for domestic violence survivors — joins us for a slightly different conversation than you’re used to at Health & WellnessBeyond The Known, but it is an important conversation nonetheless. During this dialogue, Carmen discusses the worrying statistics of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to recognize the warning signs among your friends and neighbors. She’ll offer guidance on what you can do if you suspect someone in your life is a victim of domestic violence. Carmen also provides ways employers can keep their employees safe from domestic violence in the workplace as well as at home. Do not miss this eye-opening conversation. LISTEN NOW

Magliocco and Schlosser 200x200EPISODE 35: Captivating Your Customers With Brian Magliocco and John Schlosser
On this episode, our guests Brian Magliocco and John Schlosser of Captivate Exhibits discuss how to pivot during a period of disruption — possibly reinventing yourself if necessary — for ultimate Marketing & Communicationsuccess. The pair will give testimony why people in the workforce should treat their profession as their ministry. And they’ll focus on some of the biggest mistakes companies make when it comes to trade shows. These tips will make and/or save your budget! You will not want to miss this “captivating” conversation. LISTEN NOW

Elzie Flenard III 200x200EPISODE 33: Launching a Successful Podcast with Elzie Flenard III
Our guest is Elzie Flenard, the Mayor of Podcast Town and technical producer of Beyond The Known. During our conversation, Elzie will discuss why all businesses should have a podcast and howMarketing & Communication to differentiate yours, common misconceptions people have and missteps made when starting a podcast. Finally, find out the meaning behind Elzie’s advice about failure: “fail small and fail fast”. LISTEN NOW

Allen RuppelEPISODE 31: Reimagining The World Together with Allen Ruppel
Allen Ruppel, founder of Unity in Motion talks about what life on a submarine was like and the lessons learned for his ongoing professional success; his love of nonprofits — including the one he Non-Profitstarted Unity in Motion; plus, a school that he founded in Pakistan; and why everybody should dabble in and cut out a at least some time in their life to reimagine their community, their world through serving others. LISTEN NOW

Ky;e StephensEPISODE 29: Pivoting for Leadership Success with Kyle Stephens
Our guest Kyle Stephens, Vice President of Finance and Administration at Good City Brewing willHospitality & Entertainment discuss the importance of having a good pivot foot for leadership success, lessons learned from the COVID-19 disruption, and how community service is not only good in personal practice, but why it’s good for your business, too. You will not want to miss this enlightening conversation. LISTEN NOW

Hector ColonEPISODE 27: Million Dollar Career Advice with Hector Colon
During our conversation with our guest Hector Colon, President and CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and upper Michigan, we touch on a variety of topics, including why being a good leader involves getting into public service; why Hector turned away from an Olympic boxing career that could have earned him millions of dollars; And the five virtues that haveNon-Profit guided his life, and could also serve as a template for listeners as well. LISTEN NOW

Joe KorbEPISODE 25: Avoiding a Bad Hire with Joe Korb
During our conversation with Joe Korb co-owner of CCA Technology, Joe will be sharing with us his thoughts on the future of technology, what makes a good successful business partnership and one of the biggest mistakes companies are making when they’re hiring salespeople — and how to avoid it. You’ll want to listen to this enlightening conversation. LISTEN NOWTechnology

Chris WiseEPISODE 23: Bigger And Better Futures with Chris Wise
Chris Wise is the local managing chair of the C12 Group — a business peer advisory group made up of Christian CEOs and Business owners who want a bigger, better future and want to integrate their faith in the process. Chris will share tips on how to overcome your fears in life, the importance of a peer-to-peer support system, and how to get the most out of your team as a leader.Business You will not want to miss this enlightening conversation. LISTEN NOW

Amelia ForczakEPISODE 21: Overcoming Obstacles with Amelia Forczak
Overcoming the self-consciousness of a reading/writing disorder is what launched Amelia Forczak the founder of Pithy Wordsmithery into the world of the published word. Now she uses her knowledge to help others tell their stories and get them published and marketed. She’ll share what lead her to ghostwrite a New York Times best-seller, as well as a few tips other


entrepreneurs can use! LISTEN NOW

Guest: Kimberly KruegerEPISODE 19: Faith, Family and Women in Business with Kimberly Krueger
Entrepreneur Kimberly Krueger has overcome some of life’s toughest struggles with beauty, dignity, and grace; her eyes looking up and never looking back. she founded The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women (FEW), a network for women whose passions are faith, family and business. offer women of faith monthly women’s forums, special events, publishing, leadership training and coaching certification. Kimberly co-hosts Coffee with Kim podcast with her best friend, Heather Taylor who makes her laugh and keeps her real while they share this platform with women with extraordinary stories that bring glory to God. This will be one


inspirational and uplifting episode. LISTEN NOW

Terry Rowinski 200 x 200EPISODE 17: Trends in Healthcare with Terry Rowinski
As President and CEO of HPS (Health Payment Systems), Terry Rowinski will offer lessons in leadership including why it’s important to provide consistent, relatable leadership that engages, inspires and encourages growth within all levels of the organization. His People-centric approach consistently yields positive bottom-line results by influencing hard-to-control costs such as turnover and productivity. Terry will also tell us why it’s OK to wear your Faith on your sleeve at the office. LISTEN NOWHealth & Wellness

Greg L. Bass 200sqEPISODE 15: Healthcare Culture By Design with Greg L. Bass
Take control of your healthcare costs by taking control of your culture! The future of Group Benefits is constantly shifting. Certified Underwriter Greg L. Bass is the Chief Strategy Officer – Group Benefits at The Starr Group. He will explain how the current state of employee healthcare evolved. Greg will expound on the solutions set before employers that are both efficient and affordable. Business owners and CEOs will learn WHY they need to control their company’s wellness culture. LISTEN NOWHealth & Wellness

Pat MillerEPISODE 13: Focus On Your Passion And Run For Office with Pat Miller
For over 2 decades, Pat Miller‘s favorite part of strategizing and positioning events with radio stations and digital brands like WTMJ and WKTI in Milwaukee has been bringing big ideas to life. Through Idea Coach, Pat helps small businesses find clear and competitive advantages to grow through understanding their audience, authentically connecting with them, and getting the attention needed to drive sales. This episode is sure to create an “Aha!” moment for business owners listening in. LISTEN NOWBusiness

Guest: Paul KraemerEPISODE 11: Risk and Rewards of Business with Paul Kraemer. Running a business is both rewarding and risky. Paul Kraemer, Senior Risk Manager for The Starr Group, opens the door to MORE reward and LESS risk for employers — and employees — with this conversation about group Captive programs. In the field for more than 3 decades, Paul will share how he was invited into the insurance industry by founder of the agency, Robert Starr. This is a educational and entertaining episode! LISTEN NOWDe-Risking

Guest Marco BricenoEPISODE 9: How do you define “Peace of Mind”? with Marco Briceno
Marco Briceno — Personal Risk Consultant for The Starr Group — will talk about the often overlooked details of business and homeowners’ insurance policies that can save — or sink — a person’s professional and personal assets. Marco shares his own journey into the world of Personal Insurance, and introduces “White Glove”, The Starr Group’s newsletter for High Value Homes. LISTEN NOW De-Risking

Guest: Sam EmeryEPISODE 7: The Blooming Hospitality Scene in Downtown Milwaukee with Sam Emery
Ever wonder about the blooming hospitality scene in Downtown Milwaukee? Sam Emery of Merriment Social will talk about his journey into restaurant entrepreneurship and the growing business opportunities in our beloved city! This is a mouth-watering conversation! LISTEN NOWHospitality & Entertainment

Brad Zepecki EPISODE 5: Technology in Milwaukee with Brad Zepecki. Brad Zepecki joins us to discuss technology in Milwaukee and his passion for “Code The Way” which partners with high schools and technology companies to offer students advanced computer science training and real-world job experiences working on projects that benefit local nonprofits and increases certified computer science teachers, contributing to the computer science talent base. LISTEN NOWTechnology

Jessica Ollenburg on PodcastEPISODE 3: Risk Reduction Strategies with Jessica Ollenburg. Jessica Ollenburg of Ollenburg LLC  (Award-Winning Executive Consulting, Employment Law and Entrepreneurial Ventures) discusses successful Risk Reduction strategies to improve your workforce and your bottom line. She shares examples of how to avoid making common hiring mistakes. LISTEN NOW De-Risking

Tim Starr PodcastingEPISODE 1: We Have Liftoff! In our pilot episode, Tim Starr, CEO of The Starr Group shares what value he hopes the new podcast will bring to listeners. Among topics discussed are the life-long learning C-Suite level execs need to drive their businesses into the future, and the cultivation of Culture required to do so. LISTEN NOW Marketing & Communication

Nick Starr 200x200EPISODE 52: Growing Up Starr. Podcast guest Nick Starr Director of Agency Advancement and Commercial InsuranceDe-Risking Architect at The Starr Group is on hand for the 1 year anniversary of Beyond the Known. Nick reminisces about growing up in the halls of The Starr Group building, talks around the Starr family dinner table, and his prognosis on the future of the agency. LISTEN NOW

Nick Miota 200x200EPISODE 50: Winding Paths in the Family Business. Podcast guest Nick Miota, President of Southgate Lease Service talks about the winding career path that lead him back to the family business. He shares how personal tragedy gave him the courage to take a leap of faith. And Nick’s words of advice to his “younger self” may prove helpful for current career-minded college students. LISTEN NOWBusiness

Sr. Edna LonerganEPISODE 48: A Mission of Caring. Our guest Sr. Edna Lonergan, is a nurse, occupational and massage therapist as well as a gerontologist at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sr.Edna is a member of The Sisters of St. Francis. She’ll tell us how a bit of Irish Luck–and plenty of God’s Grace–led her to her ministry of caring for those with dementia, as well as children, frail enders and adults of all ages with a variety of disabilities. LISTEN NOWNon-Profit

Ashley Johnson 200x200EPISODE 46: Health & Wellness in the Workplace. Our guest Ashley Johnson, Group Benefits Consultant at The Starr Group discusses why pushing the “Easy Button” in life is the absolute worst thing you can possibly do. She tells us the virtues of being a “forever student” and why being one will get you further faster. Ashley also reveals how being a competitive bodybuilder has enriched her life in ways above and beyond the physical. She shares why you need to constantly challenge yourself as well. LISTEN NOWHealth & Wellness

David Bellman 200x200EPISODE 44: Building Your Legacy. Our guest is David Belman president of Belman Homes. David shares the seven words that will change your life: “You’ve got to think about your legacy.” He tells his story of the incredible impact his parents had on him growing up and shaping the person he became later. Advice every parent NOW should be aware of. This business owner, philanthropist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and family man the will reveal the ultimate secret to success.  LISTEN NOWProperty & Real Estate

Alicia Kelch 2 200x200EPISODE 42: Growing a Career in Health and Wellness. Our guest Alicia Kelch, CEO and Founder of REM Occupational Health & Wellness shares the progression of her career from working in emergency medicine to occupational health. She’s worked extensively with over 40 companies in various industries from manufacturing and foundries to food andHealth & Wellness agriculture. Alicia talks about the success of onsite clinics in the workplace to improve overall health of employee population. LISTEN NOW

Eric Messer 200x200EPISODE 40: Building America. Our guest Eric Messer, Business and Risk Consultant at The Starr Group. During our conversation, Eric is going to discuss what we can learn from professionals in the construction industry. He’ll talk about how the new Biden Administration will impact construction in 2021 and beyond. And despite being in insurance, Eric doesn’t want to be known as an “insurance guy”. LISTEN NOW

Financial & Insurance

Colleen O'Hara 220x200EPISODE 38: Take Your Marketing to the Next Level with Colleen O’Hara.  Our guest Colleen O’Hara, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications with Acrisure – insurance agency partnerships. During our conversation, Colleen will share what business owners and marketing professionals need to do to take your organization’s marketing efforts to the next level. SMarketing & Communicationhe reveals the biggest marketing opportunities that are going to present themselves in 2021 of which you’ll want to take advantage. And she’ll offer insight as to why fear can be one of the greatest assets in your life. Don’t miss this illuminating conversation. LISTEN NOW

DR Salerno 200x200EPISODE 36: Mentorship To Growth with DR Salerno
Our guest, DR Salerno, owner and CEO of Amada Senior Care of Greater Milwaukee talks about why all business people should have a mentor and why your growth is being stunted if you don’t have one. He’ll address the number one trait a successful entrepreneur needs to have, and this will changeHealth & Wellness your life. Finally, for the investors out there, DR will discuss the virtues of a recession-proof, pandemic-proof business venture. LISTEN NOW

Beyond The Known Crew

HOLIDAY BREAK: Happy Holidays From The Star Group
As 2020 comes to a close, we’d like to thank all our guests from our inaugural podcast season. From uplifting stories of career success to exciting tales of death defying daring, each and every one of you took us beyond what we know about business. And to our listeners, without you, our podcast would simply not be possible. We’re grateful to be part of the start of your work week every Monday. Sharing our show links with others is a sure sign of approval. Please continue sending your topic and speaker suggestions to And so, from The Starr Group podcast production team, Happy Holidays. See you in 2021! LISTEN NOW

Patty Johnson 200x200EPISODE 34: Aggressive Marketing with Patty Johnson
President and COO of RSPR Marketing and Communications will talk about the keys to putting on a world class event; why the COVID pandemic is an excellent time to aggressively market your company; and how specifically to elevate your marketing on aMarketing & Communication shoestring budget. Don’t miss Patty’s words of wisdom. LISTEN NOW 

Ryan Campbell 200x200EPISODE 32: Pivoting for Leadership Success. Our guest is Ryan Campbell, CEO of Ryan Campbell Speaks. Ryan shares the story of his death-defying, world record-setting, circumnavigation solo flight. Ryan talks about his ambitions, and his journey back from disaster to success. He’ll tell you no matter what adversity you face, life is won or lost above the shoulders. Find out how 3 words can change your life: Sink or Swim. Listen now to this amazing conversation!  LISTEN NOW 

EPISODE 30: Refreshing Perspectives with Jim McCabe
Our guest Jim McCabe, Founder of Milwaukee Brewing Company talks about the changing beer culture in Milwaukee, important lessons on how to scale a business, and how to be resilient and adaptable when life throws challenges your way.Hospitality & Entertainment

Paul SchulzEPISODE 28: Leading Employees Across Multiple Generations with Paul Schultz
Our guest Paul Schultz, President and CEO of Max Weiss Company during our time together. Paul is going to talk about the importance of perspective for business leaders, the virtues of leading a family owned business and innovative ways to bring valueBusiness to your employees and retain your top talent. You will not want to miss this enlightening conversation. LISTEN NOW

Susan FronkEPISODE 26: Leading in a Crisis with Susan Fronk
MRA — The Management Association — is one of the largest employer associations in the country, serving more than 4,000 employers each year with more than one million employees. Susan Fronk, President and CEO, will be talking about a number of things, including how to get the most out of your HR department, the traits of a good leader especially during a crisis, and the bestBusiness practices that you can employ to attract top talent. You will not want to miss this insightful conversation. LISTEN NOW

David CooksEPISODE 24: Purpose Is Bigger Than You with David Cooks
David Cooks is speaker and author with David Cooks Speaks. During our conversation, he’s going to give us practical advice on how you can find your purpose in life, ways you can learn to overcome adversity, and how making time to reflect can literally make the difference between realizing your true potential and not. You won’t want to miss this insightful and inspirational conversation.Business LISTEN NOW

Dan KellyEPISODE 22: Court is in Session with Daniel Kelly
Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly is our guest on Beyond The Known. He’ll be talking about his passion for Justice and the rule of law. He’s going to share what it’s like to serve on the highest court in the state the merits of public Service, as well asBusiness leadership lessons from the campaign trail. You will not want to miss this conversation! LISTEN NOW

Pat SnyderEPISODE 20: Improving The Lives of Others with Patrick Snyder
As Executive Director of Bizstarts — a non-profit that helps companies get started in Milwaukee free of charge — Patrick Snyder has tremendous experience running social and for-profit ventures. His largest wins are in the area of organizational GROWTH. Patrick will share his insights on the importance of coaching, mentoring and connecting to resources. LISTEN NOW

Linda MarisEPISODE 18: Inspiring Generosity with Linda Maris
In her role as President at the National Christian Foundation, Linda Maris is called to inspire generosity among fellow Christians. In this episode Linda will discuss the importance of Self-Assessments and philanthropy via generous living. She will also tell us why everyone should make a local, national or international mission trip at least once in their lives. LISTEN NOWNon-Profit

Guest: Jonathan ReynoldsEPISODE 16: Fostering Organizational Alignment with Jonathan Reynolds
As CEO and Chief of Culture of Titus Talent Strategies, Jonathan Reynolds is energized by inspiring company leaders and equipping them with unique approaches to better understand their people and create optimum performance among their team members. Jonathan currently leads a unique, fast­ growing team of talent consultants located across the United States. Business Leaders will want to take notes during this episode! LISTEN NOW


Guest: Andy WeinsEPISODE 14: Unleash Your Full Potential with Andy Weins
Business Owner Andy Weins has built a reputation through his no-holds-barred teaching style, which inspires immediate and transformational action. No Frills, no fluff. Andy’s business, Green Up Solutions, has grown from a two-man backyard operation to a nationally renowned multi-faceted enterprise in rapid pace. A proud US Army Veteran, military career counselor, and Master Resiliency Trainer, he has helped thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs unleash their full potential and achieve unparalleled success. LISTEN NOWNon-Profit

Paige WeslaskiEPISODE 12: Building a Business and Brand with Paige Weslaski
Starting a company and building a brand are two very different activities, however, they go hand-in-hand to creating a successful business. Paige Weslaski of Image Management shares what inspires her to impart her knowledge of social media marketing and provides tips for corporate branding. Recorded remotely during the COVID-19 quarantine, Paige stresses customer perception of your business and the importance of public awareness. LISTEN NOWMarketing & Communication

Guest: Brian SondermanEPISODE 10: Doing Good In A Volatile Social Environment with Brian Sonderman
Volatile social climate fills the media today, yet in the background a great deal of good continues throughout our community. Brian Sonderman Executive Director of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity discusses how the HFH is bringing people together to build homes, community and hope. A life-long Milwaukee-area resident, Brian shares his journey to HFH and his family’s “hands on” level participation. This episode is certainly a beacon of light! LISTEN NOW Non-Profit

Guests: Charisse & Tony GiangrecoEPISODE 8: Yearning for Space During COVID-19 with Tony & Charisse Giangreco
The COVID-19 Lockdown had many people are yearning for more living space. Home buying/selling has picked up as more people are searching for stand alone dwellings with yards for gardening and relaxing. Tony and Charisse Giangreco of Mindright Realty will be sharing how they help their customers find the right home for them… as well as a few charming stories about their partnership! LISTEN NOW Property & Real Estate

Guest: Ron HumphreysEPISODE 6: The Nuances of Occupational/Workplace Safety with Ron Humphreys
The nuances of Occupational/Workplace Safety shift as technology advances or personnel changes. Who’s training the new hires on proper procedures? What kind of records are being kept? Ron Humphreys, owner of Employee Risk Management Specialists — and exclusive Consultant for The Starr Group — will talk about these things and more to ensure Safety is paramount in your organization. Ron talks about the safety manual he authored … as well as the novel he penned on the side! LISTEN NOWDe-Risking

Melinda Wilke on Podcast EPISODE 4: College and Retirement Planning with Melinda Wilke. How soon is too soon to talk to your kids about money? Melinda Wilke, Wealth Management Advisor for Wilke Wealth and Investment Planning gives great insights to college planning as well as practical steps to retirement planning. LISTEN NOWFinancial & Insurance

Mary Starr EPISODE 2: Culture By Design, Not Default with Mary Starr. The Starr Group’s own Mary Starr, Executive Vice President, joins us this week to discuss what it means to successfully create a “Culture by Design”. Mary will provide tips for a healthy corporate culture which may surprise our Listeners. LISTEN NOWHealth & Wellness