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Healthcare administration doesn’t get any easier than working with HPS!

Congratulations to our first Customer of the Quarter for 2022: Health Payment Systems! Led by President and CEO Terry Rowinski, HPS is a privately-held healthcare technology and services organization headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin , offering solutions to enhance the consumer healthcare billing and payments experience, while driving value to healthcare providers, health insurance companies and employers.

Since its founding in 2005, HPS’ patented solutions—including its comprehensive independent provider network in Wisconsin and the highly differentiated single consolidated statement of medical services for patients—have benefited many constituents in the healthcare market:

Healthcare providers and employers are empowered to offer an enhanced billing and payment experience to their patients/employees, improving their brand loyalty while strengthening their financial results.

Families save money through the HPS provider network, gain the overall enhanced experience of one monthly consolidated healthcare statement instead of multiple Explanation of Benefits and providers’ invoices, as well as the convenient access to online and mobile channels for detailed healthcare service claims data and multiple payment options.

Brokers and TPAs can expand their book and differentiate their offerings by adding HPS to their arsenal of services and solutions for clients.

To date HPS has processed over $2 billion in claims. In addition:

  • The HPS network is made up of 96 hospital facilities and 22,600 individual providers, covering two-thirds of the counties in Wisconsin
  • HPS has served 400+ employer groups in Wisconsin
  • 245,000+ individuals have received care through the HPS network

HPS knows healthcare is broken and that it can’t be fixed by just one company, but their goal is to reduce the cost of healthcare administration while maintaining the highest level of provider and patient satisfaction in the industry. HPS does this through a better healthcare payment and reimbursement system. Their solutions offer unique benefits to their constituents, in the hope that together they can make healthcare less confusing and more cost-effective for all.

The HPS Network. HPS is contracted with two-thirds of Wisconsin counties, covering 96 hospital facilities and 22,600 individual providers. They constantly negotiate better rates and seek out creative money-saving opportunities to help employers and individuals save significant dollars on quality healthcare.

The SuperEOB. What in healthcare is more confusing than getting countless bills and EOBs for just one medical procedure? How do you sort through everything and understand who needs to be paid? HPS’ SuperEOB eliminates that confusion with a consolidated monthly statement that gives you one total bill to pay and one easy way to pay it.


Fight for a better way. We’re tenacious. We fight every day to remove the frustrations of the healthcare experience, to create solutions that make a difference. We know there’s a better way, so we won’t give up. It’s who we are.

Create the talent to lead. We are a team that wants to win, to lead, to be the best. So, we learn, we share, we constantly improve. And the result is people who perform, who the market holds in high esteem, who make HPS the exception

Take care of your fellow human. HPS is a family, inside and out. They laugh, celebrate, and work through challenges. Their employees depend on one another, treat each other with respect. And that has a ripple effect on their clients and the community.

Embrace change together. HPS embrace change as an opportunity to raise the bar collectively. So, they challenge the status quo and each other. HPS remains humble, open-minded, flexible. “United in our decisions, together we create solutions that matter.”

Sharing similar values with The Starr Group, it’s not a wonder why HPS was chosen as our Customer of the Quarter! Visit their website to learn what HPS can do for your company and family.

HPS : Health Payment Systems

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