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Midwest Stairs & Iron Provides Safe and Beautiful Living Spaces.

Howard Wurgler always liked building things as a kid. His vision for Midwest Stairs & Iron began in a garage during the early 1980s and in 2006,  Midwest Stairs & Iron was born. Midwest Stairs & Iron is a nationally serving company that specializes in fabricating self-supporting bolt-on aluminum balconies, steel stairs, railings, miscellaneous metals, and GBC Safety Glow photo luminescent egress life safety systems.

Wurgler’s personal vision for the company is to help set employees on a path towards a positive future in a safe working environment, and to continually improve the product for their client’s needs. The growth of Midwest Stairs & Iron is the sum of its clients, employees, and product.

A thought-leader in modern design methods, Midwest Stairs & Iron serves architects, general contractors, and developers with a sense of urgency, safety, and reliability. Wurgler began producing balconies after finding that he wasn’t comfortable installing another company’s. “They were not up to my standards, and I was very nervous about installing them,” he says. “I got together with my staff and designed one that was made as one—all welded construction.”

It could be said that Midwest Stairs and Iron’s pride and joy is their prefab aluminum balconies that never rust. Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, these products come pre-assembled and shipped complete for easy installation.

According to GB&D magazine, Wurgler has made safety and durability a top priority in producing his balconies, which typically take three to four hours each to make, depending on customization. “People are standing out on these things. It’s a life/safety issue to give them the best product I can give them,” he says. “You see a lot of balconies falling off older buildings, and that’s because of how they were designed. They weren’t designed to last 100 years.”

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