Hi Tim, Maureen, and Alex,

I felt lead to email and give a “BIG HEARTFELT” Thank You to you three!!!  I have signed my paperwork and submitted my official business to The Starr Group and will be insured with West Bend!!!

I know it has been a process in the making over the last month for us all, but to me and my family is has been well worth it!  When I told my wife we were going with West Bend, she told me that she remembered when we had them almost 10 years ago, when we rented an apartment and Linda shopped and found us West Bend then.

Tim and Maureen, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to listen and assist in making the best happen for all!

Alex, I can’t thank you enough as well.  I know I asked a lot of questions and was borderline obsessive… LOL…!  However, there was not one time you could not answer a question or help educate me on what options might be best.  You are certainly a 5 Star Account Manager!

Thank you all so much!!!

– Michael Jon Mullikin, Holmen, WI